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54-86 South 1 St W
Magrath, AB, T0K 1J0


A specialty, locally-owned grocery store proudly serving Magrath, AB and surrounding communities. 



Roosters Country Marketplace is proud to be a green grocery store!

We recycle everything! From cardboard, office paper, newspaper, cans, bottles, plastic and plastic bags - you name it, we try our best to recycle it. 

Also, Roosters uses rechargeable batteries, composts all non-sellable produce, uses compact florescent bulbs and has the most energy-efficient refrigeration system available, which takes LED lighting. 

By executing extensive recycling, composting and energy conservation programs, our goal is to become a zero-waste grocery store. 

Finally, through our commitment to supporting local farmers and producers, Roosters Country Marketplace aims to reduce its carbon footprint, alleviate pressure on the environment, challenge global food issues and maintain an environmentally sustainable business.